Startech USB2AAEXT25M

25m USB 2.0 Male to Female Active Extension Cable – Amplified Extender Extension

The 25-meter active USB 2.0 extension cable, model USB2AAEXT25M, includes a USB A male connector and a USB A female connector, allowing active extension of USB 2.0 devices up to 25 meters.

All-in-one cable To avoid connection limitations due to distance or power source, this active USB 2.0 extension cable incorporates bus-powered circuitry that ensures performance beyond the limits of standard USB cables. In addition, it allows the serial connection of 2 cables to achieve a total USB extension of up to 50 meters.

If necessary, the USB device can be powered from a power outlet using the universal power adapter (supplied with the cable).

Extend the connection distance of USB peripherals beyond the 5 meter limitation of USB 2.0
2-cable serial connection for even longer USB extensions.

The StarTech.com Advantage
No loss of USB signal, even at distances of up to 25 meters
Power your USB devices directly from the port or via the included universal power adapter
Serial connection of 2 cables, in order to achieve connection distances of up to 50 meters between USB 2.0 devices.

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