DVI Laptop Dock – USB 3.0

This DVI laptop docking station is a cost-effective way to create a simpler but fully functional workstation that can be used in permanent workspaces or by multiple people in guest or hot desk environments.

If you do not need all the connections and features that a traditional laptop dock has, you can use this dock to add the most important connections (such as an extra monitor) to your laptop.

DVI docking station for laptops used at multiple hot desks in an office environment


  Create a hoteling, guest workstation (hot desk) for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users or for CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) situations where companies often have a selection of laptops that can be used at a workstation

  Save money by using a docking station with only the ports you need, or by using only a universal laptop docking station for multiple employees or guests

  Works with most USB 3.0-equipped laptops, such as Ultrabook Microsoft, Microsoft® Surface ™ Pro, Surface Book, Surface 3, Lenovo® Yoga, MacBook and many Windows-based tablets.

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