Startech UUSBOTGRA-Best Price In India

12cm Right Angled Micro USB to USB OTG Adapter Cable – Male to Female

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The UUSBOTGRA Right Angle Micro USB OTG (“On-The-Go”) Adapter Cable converts a Micro USB OTG capable cell phone or tablet into a USB OTG host, as well as allowing connection of a peripheral device USB such as a USB memory stick, USB keyboard or mouse, etc – Ideal for busy or busy users who are on the go or travel frequently and need to work on the go.

The right-angle Micro USB connector allows the cable and USB device to be positioned so that the mobile device is easily accessible without straining the connection.

This OTG adapter cable is designed and manufactured for maximum durability and reliable, uninterrupted connections, backed by StarTech.com’s Lifetime Warranty.

Note: This adapter only works with USB OTG compatible devices. Consult the corresponding documentation and / or your service provider to ensure that your device supports USB OTG functionality.

Add a standard USB port to your smartphone or tablet with available Micro USB OTG
Allows you to connect a USB keyboard or mouse to your tablet
For removable data storage, connect a USB stick to your tablet, cell phone, or e-reader.

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