Startech DK30CHDDPPD

USB C Dock – for 2 HDMI & DisplayPort 4K 30Hz Monitors – USB Type C Laptop Docking Station with 60W Power Delivery, SD, 4-Port USB-A Hub, GbE, Audio – Thunderbolt 3 Compatible.

This dual monitor USB-C ™ docking station transforms your MacBook or Windows® laptop into a dual Ultra HD 4K workstation, with support for DisplayPort and HDMI 4K monitors. It offers you all the connections to create a fully capable workstation, including an SD ™ card reader slot.

The USB-C docking station features USB 2.0 (60W) power delivery to power and charge your laptop while you work. It is the perfect companion for your MacBook Pro or any other laptop that has Thunderbolt ™ 3.


  Ideal for professionals who work with highly detailed graphic images or data-intensive applications such as graphic designers, videographers, animators, analysts, or engineers (CAD)

  Scale your desktop across multiple screens – perfect solution for use in government, finance, marketing and sales industries

  Expand your laptop connectivity; compatible with MacBook Pro, Dell XPS 15 or other USB-C laptops.

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