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USB Voltage and Power Tester Kit

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This diagnostic kit provides you with everything you need to make sure your USB devices are getting a proper charge.

It will allow you to:

Troubleshoot or diagnose problems that may occur during charging
Fast charging of your mobile device
Synchronizing your device with your computer
Make sure your USB devices are getting a proper charge
The diagnostic kit allows you to monitor the voltage and power your device receives while charging, making it easy to test with different power sources, such as electrical outlets or car chargers, USB ports on a computer, mobile charging devices, and stations. loading.

It is the perfect diagnostic tool for any test lab or repair shop, as it allows you to monitor the power and voltage consumption of your Apple or Android ™ devices in comparison with various power sources, in order to determine if a charger, specific cable or battery causes a problem.

Charging an iPad in a 4-port charging station, with the tester showing voltage and power consumption

Also, if you use multiple mobile devices at home or in the office, this adapter can help you get a better idea of ​​your power requirements. This device now allows you to choose the chargers and cables that work best with each of your devices, in order to charge them at the optimal speed and that they are ready to use when you need them.

You can configure the tester to display the voltage or power value, your choice. You can also set it to alternately display voltage and power, so you can see both values ​​at the same time without having to adjust it to change parameters.

Save time by charging your devices faster
When you charge your devices from a USB port on your laptop, you can do so more quickly by using the adapter’s built-in fast charging feature. The adapter reduces charging time by transforming your computer’s USB host port into a charge-only port, allowing you to charge your mobile devices just like charging from an AC outlet.

Samsung phone in fast charge with a laptop, with the tester showing the electricity consumption

Safe charging
Quick charge mode also offers safe charges. You can disable data transfers and reduce the risks of charging your device from an unknown USB port, such as a public charging station. This helps prevent anyone from stealing your mobile device data or changing your device settings. It also helps protect your devices from malicious file downloads or viruses over a USB connection.

Data synchronization
You can also use the adapter as a standard USB cable connected between your mobile device and your computer, allowing you to sync your device with your computer.

Note: you will be able to charge your device even if it is in sync, although it will charge at a slower speed.

Check the voltage and power consumption of your Apple and Android devices
Save time with fast charging of tablets (iPad, Samsung, etc.) and smartphones from the USB port of your desktop or laptop, with shorter charging time and higher output current
Synchronize your mobile device with your computer.

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