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2m USB-C Cable – Type-C – USB 2.0 – Male to Male

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This USB-C ™ to USB-C cable makes it easy to charge and sync USB Type-C ™ devices, such as the Nokia® N1 tablet and Nexus ™ 6P and 5X smartphones, by using the USB-C port on your computer.

The cable is also compatible with Thunderbolt ™ 3 ports, which means you can charge and sync your USB-C mobile devices using a Thunderbolt 3-equipped laptop.

Charge and sync your mobile devices over longer distances
This 2 meter cable gives you the extra length you need to avoid distance restrictions and stay connected. You can charge and sync your USB-C mobile device, in almost any environment. Even when you’re taking notes in a boardroom, catching up on your email in a hotel room, or reading in a coffee shop, your mobile device’s cable will allow you to reach your computer or wall charger, more. comfortable.

Power your laptop
With up to 3A of nominal power (output), you can use this USB Type-C cable to supply power to a USB-C-equipped laptop, such as the Apple MacBook or Chromebook Pixel ™. Simply connect the cable to your USB-C-equipped laptop and a USB-C wall charger.

Use this cable as an extra accessory when traveling or on the go
Replace the USB-C cable originally included with your device, or use it as an extra accessory when traveling or on the go, so all your devices are ready to go when you need them.

Provide higher quality connections with USB-IF certified cables
The cable has undergone rigorous compatibility testing and has achieved USB-IF certification (from the USB Implementers Forum), as well as meeting all USB 2.0 specifications. This includes all environmental, electrical, and mechanical standards, ensuring that it is a high-quality, reliable cable that will work with all your USB-C devices.

Charge and sync your USB-C mobile digital devices via your laptop’s USB-C port
Charge your USB-C devices by using a USB-C wall charger.

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