Startech USB2AC2M10PK-Best Price In India

Pack of 10 USB-C to USB-A Cables of 2m – USB 2.0 – Male to Male – USB Type C – USBC

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This multi-cable USB to USB C bundle lets you charge and sync your USB Type-C devices over long distances using your computer’s USB-A port or a standard USB-A wall charger.

Charge and sync your mobile devices
Keep all your devices fully charged with these USB Type C cables. At 2 meters in length, the charging cables provide the extra reach needed to avoid distance restrictions and maintain connection.

Higher quality connections with USB-IF certified cables
USB Type A to USB Type C cables have undergone rigorous compatibility testing and have achieved USB-IF certification, as well as meeting all USB 2.0 specifications. This includes all environmental, electrical, and mechanical standards, ensuring that it is a high-quality, reliable cable that will work with all your USB-C devices.

10-pack business solution
The USB C to USB A Cable Bundle is a practical solution for businesses that require a lot of USB cables. They provide high-quality, reliable connections for all your business needs.

Extensive product testing and expert technical support
StarTech.com undergoes compatibility and performance testing of all its products to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards to deliver the highest quality products to its customers. Local StarTech.com technical advisors have extensive product experience and work directly with StarTech.com engineers to provide pre-sale and post-sale assistance to customers.

Charge and sync your USB-C mobile digital devices
Charge your USB-C devices with a wall charger
Keep your USB-C devices charged, by using your car’s USB-A charging port.

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