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4 Ports Portable Super Speed USB 3.0 Thief Hub Hub Adapter – Black

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This 4-port portable USB 3.0 hub with built-in cable converts one USB 3.0 port to four to connect more devices to your computer.

The hub has a built-in 25cm cable that is longer than most conventional hubs. The longer cable is more flexible, allowing the hub and its devices to be positioned precisely where they are needed, ensuring that the hub can be connected to your laptop or tablet regardless of where the USB 3.0 port is located of the computer.

Expand your laptop connectivity when traveling or on the go
This portable USB 3.0 hub is ideal if you want to add extra ports to your laptop, tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Surface, and other Microsoft Surface products.

The integrated cable offers more flexibility to place the hub where you prefer on your desk / table. Plus, the hub is USB-powered, making it easy to carry as an accessory when traveling / commuting.

Vertical port configuration saves space
This USB hub is a block-style design, with ports located along the top surface of the hub. Top port access means that devices (such as USB / Flash memory drives or wireless keyboard and mouse receivers) take up less space on the desk / table surface.

Optionally, the hub can be positioned horizontally, to facilitate cable connections with devices such as external hard drives or printers.

Design that facilitates its use
Its compact design allows this USB 3.0 hub (also referred to as USB 3.1 Gen 1) to be placed on your desk / table or in your workspace for easy access to your USB devices. In addition, the wide space between the USB 3.0 ports makes it easy to connect and disconnect your most frequently used devices.

The USB 3.0 hub is natively compatible with almost all operating systems, making it easy to set up by requiring no driver installation. And since it is backward compatible, it is possible to connect both new and previous generation USB devices (for example, USB 2.0 peripherals).

Flexible hub placement options thanks to the longer cable length, so you can connect a wide range of peripherals in home or office environments
Ideal for laptop and Ultrabook ™ users with a limited number of USB 3.0 ports
Make it easy to access less accessible USB ports by placing the hub anywhere the cable reaches.

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