Startech SATDUP11IMG

Standalone 2.5 / 3.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive Cloner with Multiple HDD Image Library

The standalone SATA hard drive duplicator, model SATDUP11IMG, enables the creation of identical copies of SATA hard drives (HDD) / solid state drives (SSD), or a single backup library drive containing multiple images that can be copied to additional drives at any time.

Quick and easy hard drive mirroring
Reduce cable clutter with the SATDUP11IMG duplicator, eliminating the number of storage drives required when backing up multiple disk images. By using a single drive as a backup library, multiple disk images can be stored on a single SSD or HDD, ensuring fast 6GBpm duplication without clutter. Ideal solution if different computer systems are frequently re-restored, as this means that only one backup library drive will need to be used to restore multiple images to different systems.

Trouble-free performance
This versatile duplicator also offers standard one-to-one drive mirroring in three different modes: file and system copy, all partition copy, and full copy. This is ideal for one-time duplications, as it avoids the hassle of creating a drive image for a one-time project.

Very useful for forensic investigators who need to duplicate / clone a sector of the disk to create an exact replica of the source disk on another.
Professionals who need to make backup copies where data integrity is of vital importance, such as in the case of data recovery
Cloning Hard Drives Containing Hidden Partitions That Some Disk Mirroring Programs Bypass.

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