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Encrypted Hard Drive Enclosure – with Fingerprint Access – for 2.5 “SATA Drives

Protect your confidential data from unauthorized access, wherever you go, with this Encrypted 2.5 “SATA SSD and DD Hard Drive Enclosure. Enables the encryption of your hard drive data and uses the latest technology biometric to limit user access through their fingerprint.

Secure protection of your data
The external SSD / DD enclosure offers you reliable protection against data breaches by securely encrypting your data. It uses hardware-based 256-bit encryption, as well as the AES-256 encryption method (“Advanced Encryption Standard”), one of the most secure.

Fingerprint access
With the encrypted hard drive enclosure it is possible to limit access to only previously authorized users, by storing up to eight fingerprints for access. A master password is also created, making it easy to set up, manage, and change fingerprint profiles.

Portable storage offering simplicity and versatility
Add portable and external data storage to your USB-A or USB-C equipped laptop or tablet, using the encrypted SSD or DD hard drive enclosure (two cables included). This box gets its power directly from the USB port of your device and does not need external power.

Your 2.5 “SATA drive (7mm to 9.5mm high) slides easily into the attractive and durable aluminum enclosure, vented to ensure optimal operating temperature. Take this compact enclosure with you wherever you go: a the office, a hospital, a laboratory or in the open field, in order to access your data safely.

When traveling or traveling for business or work, protect your proprietary files against unauthorized access.
Protect your medical files, customer data, as well as other confidential data, against data leaks.

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