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Server Rack Mount Lighting Panel – Data Center Lamp – 1U

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This 1U rack mount light panel mounts into any EIA-310 compliant cabinet and allows you to complete tasks within any server rack that requires lighting. The panel mounts in 1U of space in any standard 19-inch rack and includes two adjustable gooseneck lights, each 432mm long. For ease of installation, the light panel also includes a 1.5m cable that can easily be extended to a PDU installed inside the rack.

Directed lighting by adjustable lights
This rack mount light allows you to direct the light exactly where it is needed. The lamp includes two easily adjustable lights that can be positioned independently with flexible gooseneck arms. You can also orient the lights to work together to intensify the lighting in a particular location.

The flexible gooseneck design offers almost unlimited range of motion as it can easily be folded 360 degrees in any direction. The lights tilt, turn and rotate, so you can change position again and again instantly.

Precise light control, with power and dimmer switches
To simplify operation, the rack mount light includes a round button that makes it easy to adjust the light to the perfect setting. Unlike some rack mount lighting systems that require physical disconnection of the power cord for shutdown, this LED rack light has a built-in on / off switch.

Save energy with LED lights
This 1U rack light features durable, low-heat LED lights, unlike other systems that use incandescent light. This rack mount light ensures that your equipment will not overheat due to the heat generated by the light.

Installs in your server rack for easy viewing of your equipment
Ideal for multimedia cabinets located in dark spaces.

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