Startech MDP2HDVGA

Travel Mini DP Audio / Video Adapter – Mini DisplayPort to HDMI or VGA Converter – 1920×1200 1080p

This travel adapter allows you to connect your Ultrabook ™ or your mDP-equipped laptop to any VGA or HDMI® display. This 2 in 1 Mini DisplayPort Adapter is the perfect accessory for your Microsoft® Surface ™ Pro device with Mini DisplayPort.

Take the adapter on your travels, so you can connect virtually any screen to your computer
Connect a laptop or Ultrabook to an HDMI or VGA display, when it is necessary to work in an office where you have to bring your own equipment (BYOD)
Connect a VGA or HDMI display to a laptop equipped with a Mini DisplayPort, in order to use it as a secondary monitor.

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