Startech MDP2HDMM3MB

3m Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Converter Cable – with 4K 30Hz Video – mDP to HDMI Adapter Cable – MiniDP or Thunderbolt 1/2 for Mac or PC – MiniDP to HDMI Converter Cable

This 3m Mini DisplayPort® HDMI® adapter cable allows a single cable connection from your MacBook or Ultrabook laptop equipped with mDP to a screen or projector equipped with HDMI. This passive adapter supports 4K Ultra HD video resolutions as well as Thunderbolt ™ when connected directly to a compatible DisplayPort I / O port via Thunderbolt.

Connect a computer equipped with Mini DisplayPort to an HDMI display, either in a classroom or on your workstation
Use it for installations in your boardrooms or workstations that require 3m of cable
Install it on your home workstation so that your computer equipped with DisplayPort is compatible with your HDMI display.

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