Startech MDP2DPMF6IN

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter – 4K x 2K UHD Video – Mini DP to DP Converter – Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 Adapter – mDP PC / Computer to DP Monitor / Display

The MDP2DPMF6IN Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort video cable adapter allows you to add a standard DisplayPort connection port to your existing mini Displayport equipped laptop. Easy to use and install, this cost-effective solution makes it easy for you to go from Mini DP to DP, in order to get the most from your Mini DisplayPort device.

Please Note: Newer laptops and desktop computers (e.g. Apple®) come equipped with Thunderbolt ™ ports only. Our Mini DP to DP Cables can be connected to the Thunderbolt ports, enabling you to connect your DP compatible displays.

Allows a DisplayPort monitor or display (HP, Dell) to connect to devices that are equipped with a Mini DisplayPort output connection.

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