Startech LTSTND2IN1

Laptop Stand – Laptop Lift Stand – Lift Base or Laptop Stand – Ergonomic Office Desk Angle Stand – Silver – Aluminum

This 2 in 1 aluminum stand allows you to install your laptop in two different positions, depending on the application. Its aesthetic design offers functionality, as well as a sleek, silver-finish look that harmonizes with your MacBook or other ultra-slim laptops. The 2 interchangeable silicone bases allow the support compatibility with laptops from 14mm to 16mm thick, in an upright position, while protecting them from scratches and scratches.

Install your laptop in an inclined position, to achieve an ergonomic posture and greater comfort
Set your laptop upright to save space and use your external devices
Ideal for mobile use, in order to set up a workstation that is comfortable wherever you go.

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