Startech LTCUB2MGR

2m Multicharge USB Cable – USB to Micro USB or USB-C or Lightning for iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android – Apple MFi Certification – 3 in 1 USB Charger Cable – Braided

This multi-charge USB cable is a single-cable solution that makes it easy to charge and sync your Apple Lightning or Android devices.

3 in 1 USB charging cable
Keep this USB to Micro-USB, USB-C or Lightning cable handy for any charging requirement, instead of having to carry multiple cables. This 3 in 1 cable facilitates the exchange between different platforms and device models. Note: It only connects to one device at a time.

Charge your devices with a USB wall, car, or battery charger. The longer cable length allows you to access devices conveniently, even if it is connected to a charger.

Charge and sync your Apple Lightning, USB-C or Micro-USB mobile digital devices.

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