Startech DVISPL1DH

1 ft DVI-D to DVI-D & HDMI Splitter Cable – M/F

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This 1ft DVI to DVI+HDMI Splitter Cable splits the digital DVI signal output by a computer or satellite receiver into one DVI and one HDMI output, allowing you to view content on one DVI display and one HDMI display simultaneously.

Backed by lifetime warranty, our DVI to DVI + HDMI splitter cable offers guaranteed durability and reliability.

This DVI-D splitter cable makes things easy with being able to instantly connect 1-DVI-D and 1-HDMI displays to a single digital DVI source
Ideal for use LCD TV, LCD Projectors, Plasma TV, HDTV and DVD Player and set-top box

The StarTech.com Advantage
Saves money and reduces clutter by combining high bandwidth video with digital audio connections in a single cable
Lifetime warranty and FREE LIFETIME tech support.

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