Startech CMVER40UF

Vertical Cable Organizer Manager with Tabs – 0U – 1.8m

This 1.8m (2 x 91cm panels) vertical cable manager is a simple, space-saving way to organize cables in your server rack. You can install the two-panel cable manager vertically in your rack, to neatly route cables between installed equipment, at different heights.

The 0U cable manager offers versatile installation options and is compatible with most 40U or larger racks. The panels have a 0U design that does not take up mounting space, as well as their installation is simple, without tools, which means that they are easy to mount or change position.

Improve the appearance and accessibility of your rack
The vertical cable manager uses a tabbed gutter method that includes a cover panel that conceals cables passing through it.

Properly organizing and routing cables not only improves the appearance and accessibility of your rack, but also makes it easier to install, access, and maintain rack components.

Route cables from a server installed at the bottom of your rack, to patch panels installed at the top
Run cabling on one side of your rack to improve air circulation
Keep all your rack-mounted equipment accessible.

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