Startech CMPNL1UC

1U 19 “Horizontal Cable Management Panel for Rack – Vertical Horizontal Cable Guide with Rings and Comb

Keeping cables organized makes it easy to manage your server room or data center. This one-piece organizer, with a 1U design, allows access and identification of all your cables, to keep your workspace with servers neat and scalable. This product meets the requirements of the US federal TAA (Trade Agreements Act), which allows government purchases from the GSA Program.

Easy cable management for a more functional server room
You only need 1U of space to install the cable manager. It facilitates cable management, either from the front or the back of your server rack, with hooks located in a functional position that allow the vertical and horizontal organization of the cables.

The organizer helps you manage network, server, and KVM hub cables in your server rack, using a combination of horizontal tab ducts and vertical or horizontal D-ring hooks. Securely organize and guide cables using 12 locking clips to keep cables in a secure and fixed position.

Durable construction ensures reliable performance
Its high-quality steel construction and sturdy hooks make this cable manager a long-term reliable product.

Installing the cable manager between equipment closes open rack spaces, which contributes to better airflow. Avoiding cable stress increases the durability of your server interfaces and network equipment.

Note: The hooks on this cable management system extend more than 19 inches. As a result, some racks that are closely spaced or have internal rack-mount holes may not be compatible with this product.

Use with server cabinets and racks, structured cabling cabinets, and network distribution cables to maintain easy organization, access, and identification
Increase the durability of your server interfaces and network equipment by avoiding cable strain
Improved cooling system efficiency by filling unused rack spaces.

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