Anker A2061311

Anker PowerPort 6 Lite Charger 30W 6-Port

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Anker PowerPort 6 Lite Charger 30W 6-port
Premium 6-port USB charging pointer has 3 PowerIQ USB-A outputs and 3 ordinary USB-A outputs.

From ANKER, a leading brand for mobile accessories Faster

and safer charging with advanced technology 30 million + satisfied users

Fast Charging – PowerIQ
Any standard USB device can be expressly charged with PowerIQ 2.0 and VoltageBoost technology. Anker’s exclusive technology, PowerIQ 2.0 provides universal fast charging for all devices.

Superior security
Advanced security features such as surge protection, temperature control and more allow you complete carelessness.

The incredibly
compact Anker PowerPort 6 Lite power supply is one of the smallest multi power supplies on the market.

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