Anker A3127G11

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Pro Portable Speaker. 

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Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Pro Portable Speaker

Sound and low tons that defy small size

The Mini 3 Pro is in such a small package and still contains our patented BassUP technology, which will provide you with a bass experience that you would never have expected to come from such a small package.

Customizable EQ with Soundcore

Customize your audio experience by entering the Soundcore app and setting it to your liking.

PartyCast Technology

Connect more than 100 Mini 3 Pro speakers for fun to the next dimension

IPX7 Waterproof

A fully waterproof housing represents an impermeable barrier from liquids

15-hour playback time

The Mini 3 Pro has a built-in battery that can easily help you keep track of wild weekends, pleasant evenings or long outdoor summer days

Sound bass

This, combined with the exceptional clarity of sound, allows a speaker to come out of such a small speaker that defies what we currently know.

: Running time:
15 hours
Certificate: IPX7
Bluetooth: 5.0 Power: 6W
Charging port: USB-C
Party cast: yes
Dimensions: 6.86 x 6.86 x 8.38 cm

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