Anker A8033H11

Anker Select+ USB-C on USB-C 1.8m black.
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Anker Select+ USB-C on USB-C 1.8m
Black Premium High Quality Knit Cable

From ANKER, Leading
Brand for Mobile Accessories- Faster and Safer Charging with Advanced
Technology- 50

Million + Satisfied Users Invincible
Sustainability – Anker Select+ is perhaps the last cable you will Need. It is expected to last 30 times as long as the cables of other manufacturers. Anker’s Powerline cable is simply one of the most durable cables ever made.

Carefree warranty
In Anker we believe in our products. Therefore, with a 24-month warranty, we support them and provide friendly and easily accessible support.

Type of use: Charging or syncIng Material: PVC Connection : USB-C on USB-C Cable length : 1.8 meters

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