Startech USBPNLBFBM3-Best Price In India

91cm USB 2.0 Recessed Panel Mount Cable – USB B Male to Female Extender – Black

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The panel mount USB cable (91 cm), model USBPNLBFBM3, includes a USB-B male connector on one end and a panel mount female USB-B port on the other end, providing a convenient solution for custom boxes (for example, internally mounted hard drives).

Given its length of 91 cm, the adapter allows the connection to be extended as needed within the system box.

The USBPNLBFBM3 cable is backed by StarTech.com’s Lifetime Warranty, with guaranteed reliability.

Add a female USB-B port to custom boxes
The StarTech.com Advantage
Allows customization of solutions by mounting a USB-B port in custom boxes
Configure a system as required, USB-B connection extension up to 91 cm.

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