Startech USBPNLAFAM3-Best Price In India

91cm USB 2.0 Flush Mount Cable – USB A Male to Female Extender – Black

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The panel mount USB cable (91 cm), model USBPNLAFAM3, allows a secure and easy access USB-A port to be added to a PC or faceplate, in order to customize a system according to your requirements. Perfect for podiums, kiosks, and other solutions that require additional access to USB devices.

The adapter includes a male USB-A connector and a panel-mount female USB-A port, with a 91 cm extension facility, allowing the cable to be positioned where it is needed within the system box.

Add a female USB-A port to the back of a PC or to a faceplate

The Advantage
Customize your solutions: mounting a USB-A port on a PC or a front plate of a podium or kiosk, via an available female USB connector
Configuration of a system as required, extension of connection to USB motherboard up to 91 cm.

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