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Introducing the newest member of the RollerMouse family of products, the RollerMouse Mobile. Providing the
same central-pointing benefits as other RollerMouse models, the Mobile allows users to continually work in a
neutral posture, eliminating harmful reaching and gripping associated with traditional style mice. No matter
if you’re working on a plane, in a hotel room, at a local café, or just your kitchen table, the RollerMouse mobile
will provide you with a safe and comfortable working posture to ensure you feel great throughout the workday.

Made to Move :

The RollerMouse Mobile is our most
compact RollerMouse yet. Weighing .6 lbs
and coming in at 12” in length, it is the
perfect on-the-go ergonomic device for
those who buck the trend of being
chained to the desk and prefer to have
the freedom to work from anywhere.
RollerMouse Mobile combines
portability with all the ergonomic
benefits that are a part of every
RollerMouse device.

Just because the RollerMouse Mobile is smaller
than its siblings, doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on
the hardware! The Mobile is our first RollerMouse
equipped with Bluetooth, allowing users to connect
to their laptop, desktop, or tablet device quickly and
effortlessly. RollerMouse Mobile also comes equipped
with dual-sensor technology, built directly into the
Rollerbar to ensure the highest level of precision
cursor control available. Combine that with 5 DPI
settings ranging from 600-3000 DPI and you have a
mouse made to travel, but powerful enough to work
at a 2-monitor workstation.

0.6 lbs

12 x 2.2 x .9 in

RollerMouse Scroll Wheel

RollerMouse Buttons
5 Buttons

RollerMouse Sensor Type
Twin-eye laser

RollerMouse DPI
600 | 900 | 1200 | 1500 | 3000

Operating System
OSX | Windows


Wireless – 2.4G dongle | Bluetooth 5.1

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