Startech USBLT3MW

3m Lightning 8 Pin to USB A 2.0 Cable for Apple iPod iPhone iPad – White

The USB Lightning Cable (3 meters), model USBLT3MW, for iPhone, iPod and iPad, is white to fit white mobile devices, and is a reliable solution for long-distance charging and synchronization of mobile digital devices with Lightning port available. This makes it an ideal accessory for users on the go and who need access to their devices while charging. The cable has a large thickness (0.5 mm²) of wire, to be able to overcome the limitations of the distance while enabling maximum power at a distance of up to 3 meters, without loss of charging time.

The 8-pin reversible Lightning connector can be connected to an iOS device available with either side facing up, which means there are no restrictions on how to connect the device.

Charge and sync Apple mobile digital devices with Lightning connector available.

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