Startech USBDUPE17

Autonomous Cloner and Eraser of USB Flash Memory Drives 1: 7 – USB Memory Copier – Pendrive Copier

This USB duplicator and eraser allows you to clone or erase up to 7 USB memory (Flash) drives, without requiring a connection to a host computer. This means you can work more efficiently and handle larger batches of USB drives, saving time and effort.

This standalone USB duplicator and eraser is perfect for IT professionals and system administrators working in corporate, education, marketing or sales environments.

Efficient 1: 7 drive mirroring

The duplicator allows you to copy up to 7 drives simultaneously and offers both synchronous and asynchronous mirroring modes, with speeds of up to 1.5GB per minute. Asynchronous mode allows you to remove and replace USB storage devices, while the other copies continue to run. The eraser and duplicator offers two duplication modes: system and file, and whole file.

Erase multiple USB drives simultaneously

The drive duplicator / eraser allows you to erase up to 7 flash drives at a time, making it easy to clean large batches of USB drives for reuse. The memory drive duplicator (Flash) offers three erase modes: quick erase, single pass erase, and multi-pass erase, as per Department of Education standards. US Defense (DoD)).

Software and operating system update deployments
Distribution and creation of copies of marketing material
Create backup copies of USB memory (Flash) drives, without the need for a host computer.

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