Startech USBDUP12

1: 2 Standalone Duplicator and Eraser for Flash Drives

This standalone USB duplicator allows you to duplicate or erase two memory (Flash) drives, without connection to a host computer.

1: 2 duplication of drives
The USB duplicator allows you to copy up to 2 drives simultaneously (synchronous mirroring), with speeds of up to 1.5GB per minute. It also offers asynchronous mirroring, allowing you to remove or replace one drive while the other drive continues to copy.

The duplicator includes two duplication modes: file-system (“System-and-file”) or full drive (“Whole-drive”). File-system mode offers reduced duplication time, partitions and stored data are copied, and any sections with empty space are ignored. Full drive mode performs sector-by-sector (identical image) mirroring of the drive. This mirroring mode is ideal when you need to copy everything on the drive, including hidden data.

Erase two drives simultaneously
The USB Memory Drive (Flash) Duplicator allows you to clean two USB drives at once and supports various erasure modes, including:

Quick Erase (“Quick Erase”)
Full Erase (“Full Erase”)
Secure Erase (“Secure Erase”)
Secure erase mode conforms to applicable global standards, including the recent NIST standard (SP 800-88 Rev1), which ensures that all drives are properly erased.

Easy to use
The standalone USB duplicator includes an LCD screen that allows you to monitor the erasure or duplication process to make sure it is complete. It also offers four keyboard shortcuts for ease of use.

Fast USB flash drive backup, data recovery and drive erasure processes
Create an exact replica of a source USB drive, including hidden data, on two target USB drives
Completely erase data on a USB memory (Flash) drive.

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