Startech USBCLT60CMB

60cm Lightning 8 Pin to USB A 2.0 Spiral Cable to Charge Your iPod iPhone iPad – Apple MFi Certification – Lightning to USB Cable – Black

Spiral USB lightning cable (black) for iPhone®, iPod®, and iPad®, USBCLT60CMB model, can be stretched up to 60 cm away from the mobile device and when compressed can be stored compactly, allowing connections simple and tidy: ideal for charging in your car (a USB charging port is required).

Made in black in order to complement your devices in the same color, this Lightning to USB cable is a reliable solution for both synchronization and charging, and is the perfect accessory to carry with your iPad or iPhone.

Additionally, the 8-pin reversible Lightning connector can be plugged into an iOS device with either side facing up, which means there are no restrictions on how to connect the device.

The advantage of StarTech.com
Ideal for short distance connections: perfect for loading in a car
Portable, lightweight cable, suitable for carrying as an accessory for an iPad or iPhone
There are no restrictions on how to plug the connector into the mobile device in the Lightning terminal.

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