Startech USBAB1ML

1m USB Adapter Cable for Printer Angled – 1x USB A Male – 1x USB B Male

The 1 meter USB printer cable, model USBAB1ML, includes a USB-A male connector and a USB-B male connector, allowing a high-quality connection to USB 2.0 peripherals and facilitating installation in confined spaces.

Constructed of the highest quality materials and designed for optimal performance and reliability, this angled USB cable is backed by StarTech.com’s Lifetime Warranty.

StarTech.com also offers a 1m USB 2.0 A to B Right Angle Cable (USBAB1MR), which allows the same ease of installation as this left angle cable, but allows USB devices to be connected in the opposite direction.

Connect USB 2.0 devices, such as printers, scanners, or external USB hard drives, even in tight, hard-to-reach spaces

The StarTech.com Advantage
Connection to USB 2.0 peripherals in tight spaces, easier than with a straight design connector
Guaranteed reliability.

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