Startech USB3SEXT5DKB-Best Price In India

1.5m USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Type A Extension Cable – Male to Female

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The USB 3.0 Desktop Extension Cable, model USB3SEXT5DKB, connects to an available USB female port on a MacĀ® or PC, allowing the USB (female) port to be located up to 1.5 meters away from the PC case . By extending the USB 3.0 port away from the PC case, it can be placed in a more appropriate place, such as the top of the PC case or on a desk.

This extension cable is manufactured in STP (“Shielded Twisted Pair”) design, twisted pairs [of cables] with shielding, which prevents electromagnetic interference and ensures reliable data transmission.

A perfect solution for accessing digital cameras, MP3 players, USB sticks, or other USB storage devices, this USB 3.0 male to A-A female cable is backed by StarTech.com’s Lifetime Warranty.

Add easy access to a USB 3.0 port to connect USB drives, cameras, smartphones, tablets, and storage devices
Extend the connection between your USB 3.0 devices by up to 1.5 meters

The StarTech.com Advantage
Place your USB 3.0 devices where they are needed on your desktop
Guaranteed reliability

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