Startech USB3CAB2M-Best Price In India

Certified 2m USB 3.0 Super Speed USB B Male to USB A Male Printer Adapter Cable – Black

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The USB 3.0 A to B cable (2 meters), model USB3CAB2M, offers high-quality connections between peripheral devices with an available USB 3.0 type B port: for example, external hard drives, card readers, docking stations, capture devices video and a computer with USB available.

This cable is USB-IF certified to USB 3.0 specifications, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable connection to USB ‘B’ devices.

Connecting a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Type B Peripheral (External Hard Drive, Card Reader, Docking Station, Video Capture, etc.) to a Desktop, Laptop, or Server with USB 3.0 Available

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USB-IF certification and testing for reliable connectivity and performance.

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