Startech USB3AUB50CMS-Best Price In India

0.5m slim micro USB 3.0 cable

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Does your USB 3.0 cable cause the external hard drive to jerk and move on the desktop surface? Are you forced to organize your desk based on how the cable twists and moves?

The USB3AUB50CMS cable is made of a thin USB wire that makes it easy to install USB 3.0 devices and allows them to be placed wherever they are needed on the desktop surface. In addition, the slim molding of the Micro USB connector makes this cable ideal for USB 3.0 mobile devices as well: it allows you to connect it to the device without having to remove it from its case for each charge and synchronization.

Place USB 3.0 Devices Where Needed
Organize your desk and office to suit your preferences. This durable, lightweight cable is about half the thickness of a conventional USB 3.0 cable, allowing devices to be placed where they are needed, without cable clutter. This flexible and thin cable also reduces stress on the connection and prevents damage to the device’s USB 3.0 port.

Furthermore, this short 50 cm long cable is an excellent solution for short-range connections and use with portable devices (eg connecting a portable hard drive to a laptop).

Charge and sync USB 3.0 mobile devices
Recharge your mobile device in your car or pair it with your laptop.

As well as being ideal for use with desktop devices, this cable is the perfect solution for charging and syncing USB 3.0 Micro B-equipped smartphones and tablets.

Its short cable design is ideal for users on the go, allowing for simple and orderly connections, while fitting perfectly in your laptop or tablet sleeve.

Connect your mobile devices easily
Stop removing the cover from your mobile or tablet every time the device is charged or synchronized. This cable includes a slim Micro USB connector that can be plugged into a device even when the device is wearing a protective case.

Connect Micro USB 3.0 devices (portable hard drives, card readers, video capture devices, hard drive enclosures, etc.) to a USB 3.0 equipped laptop or desktop computer
Charge and sync USB 3.0 Micro B equipped mobile digital devices

The StarTech.com Advantage
Thin, flexible USB wire for convenient clutter-free installations, allowing for example an external hard drive to be placed in the desk area
Slim cable design allows portability inside any bag
Keep a USB 3.0 equipped mobile digital device in its protective case while recharging.

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