Startech USB2UBADC1M

Charger Cable 65cm Combo Apple Dock Connector 30 Pins and Micro USB to USB 2.0 iPod iPhone iPad – Black

The combined cable for Apple® Dock connector (30 pins) and Micro USB to USB USB2UBADC1M (65 cm) offers a simple and reliable solution for connecting Micro USB or digital mobile devices with iOS available and a computer, to synchronize or charge them.

To charge devices and synchronize data between a computer and an iPhone® / iPad® / iPod® or Micro USB devices, the cable includes a combination of Micro USB connector and Dock connector on one end, and a standard male USB connector on the other end, which allows you to connect directly (or via a Dock connector) to a USB port. Or, to charge the device easily, connect it to a USB adapter for electrical plug.

Replace a damaged or worn USB cable from your iPhone® / IPAD® / iPod® or Micro USB mobile devices
Purchase an additional cable to sync / charge your Apple® or Micro USB devices from a secondary location.

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