Startech USB2SDC2M-Best Price In India

2m Adapter Cable USB Dock Connector for Samsung Galaxy Tab – Black – USB A Male

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The 2 meter Dock to USB Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab ™, USB2SDC2M has a Samsung male connector (30-pin) and a USB type “A” male connector (4-pin), providing an easy way to connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to a USB-capable computer.

To facilitate data synchronization and charging, the USB / Dock Connector cable can be connected to a USB port on the computer and transfer data or charge the device while you are working on the computer, or it can be connected to a power adapter. USB power to charge the device from an available (wall) outlet.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty, this Samsung Galaxy Tab ™ dock to USB cable is designed and manufactured for maximum durability, making it a reliable replacement for worn or damaged sync cables.

Spare / Replacement Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab ™
The Samsung Galaxy Tab ™ can be charged from a computer, USB wall charger, or from a USB charger in a vehicle
Allows you to sync data between your Samsung Galaxy Tab ™ and your PC or laptop.

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