Startech USB2CUBADP-Best Price In India

USB-C to Micro-USB Adapter – Male to Female – USB 2.0

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This USB-C ™ to Micro-USB adapter allows you to charge and sync USB Type-C ™ mobile devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, Nexus ™ 6P, and 5X model smartphones, using a Micro-USB cable.

Simply insert the adapter’s USB-C connector into your mobile device. Next, plug your Micro-USB cable into the adapter’s Micro-USB port and then the cable into your computer’s USB-A port or USB-A wall charger.

The compact adapter is portable enough to carry as a tablet accessory, while reducing the number of cables required to charge all your mobile devices.

Charge and sync your USB-C mobile devices using a Micro-USB cable.

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