Startech USB2CUB2M-Best Price In India

2m USB-C to Micro USB-B Adapter Cable – USB 2.0

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This USB-C ™ to Micro-B cable allows you to charge and sync a USB 2.0 Micro-USB mobile device from a USB Type-C ™ equipped laptop. You can also charge your device using a USB-C wall charger, car charger, or charging battery, or connect to an external Micro-USB drive to easily back up your data.

Charge and sync your mobile devices over longer distances
This 2 meter cable gives you the length you need to avoid distance restrictions and stay connected. You can charge and sync your Micro-USB mobile device, in almost any environment. Even when you’re taking notes in a boardroom, catching up on your email in a hotel room, or reading in a coffee shop, connecting with your mobile device will allow it to reach your computer or wall charger, more. comfortable.

Put your USB 2.0 devices where they are needed
You can also use the USB-C to Micro-USB cable to back up data to an external Micro-USB 2.0 drive from your USB-C or Thunderbolt ™ 3 equipped laptop.

The longer cable allows you to organize your desk to suit your requirements, as you can connect your device up to 2 meters away from your computer.

Charge and sync your Micro-USB 2.0 mobile devices from a USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 equipped computer
Charge your Micro-USB devices with a USB-C wall charger, car charger, or charging battery
Backup your data to an external drive.

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