Startech USB2ADC2ML

Charger Cable 2m Dock Connector Apple Connector Left Angle 30 Pins to USB iPod iPhone iPad

The USB cable for iPhone®, iPod® and iPad® USB2ADC2ML (2 m) includes an Apple® Dock connector (30 pins) in the left corner that allows you to position the cable so that you can easily access a mobile digital device with iOS available , both vertically and horizontally, even while charging.

The design of this USB cable to iPhone longer, 2 meters, allows you to use it without the limit of a short distance and with maximum charging power.

In addition, the USB to iPhone cable includes an exclusively manufactured stepped Apple Dock connector, designed by StarTech.com. Unlike a conventional connector, this unique step-by-step connector plugs into your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, even when it’s inside its case, which avoids having to remove that case each time the sync / charge function is run.

This durable cable has been manufactured to Apple MFi standards and offers reliable performance, backed by Startech.com’s lifetime warranty.

StarTech.com also offers a USB2ADC2MR (USB2ADC2MR), which allows the same ease of installation as this cable in the left corner, but allows you to connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad in the opposite direction.

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