2U Sliding Ventilated Shelf with Cable Management and Adjustable Rack Depth – 90.7kg

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The sliding, adjustable rack tray, model UNISLDSHF19H, lets you add a sliding, vented, and cable-management tray to any 4-post server rack or cabinet. This product meets the requirements of the US federal TAA (Trade Agreements Act), which allows government purchases from the GSA Program.

The adjustable mounting depth design easily installs in server racks ranging from 29.4 Inches (746.5 mm) to 31.8 Inches (807 mm) deep. The slide rails also include a locking mechanism that prevents the shelf from sliding too far or backward before finishing any maintenance.

With a weight capacity of up to 90.7 kg, this sliding tray has a ventilated design and is made with cold rolled steel strips, for better air flow and durability in your server room or wiring closet installations. .

For neat cable runs in your rack, a reversible cable management arm is included, which can be added to the rear of the tray, as well as an adjustable frame to keep your equipment in the desired position.

Provides additional storage space for hardware, equipment, or peripherals that do not require rack mounting
Installation in virtually any standard 4-post rack or cabinet.

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