Startech ST4300U3C1B-Best Price In India

3-Port USB 3.0 Hub – Hub with Quick Charge Port (2.1A) and Dock for Windows Laptops and Tablets – Black

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This USB 3.0 hub with mobile device support expands the connectivity of your laptop or tablet. Works with Windows-based computers, tablets, as well as some Android ™ devices equipped with OTG functionality (when paired with an OTG adapter). Now you can connect useful peripherals, such as a keyboard or external hard drive, to your tablet.

Tablet connected to a hub as host, as well as a USB keyboard and mouse connected to the hub

Plus, you can quickly charge another mobile device via the built-in quick-charge port.

Rugged design offers utility and reliability
Unlike most desktop USB 3.0 hubs, this rugged hub is designed with a high-quality, solid-finish case. In addition, thanks to its weight, it remains fixed when connecting or disconnecting your devices. So now you can avoid the inconvenience of a hub that slides on the surface of your table or desk when touched.

Bracket makes hub ideal solution for mobile devices
This space-saving USB 3.0 hub offers ergonomic access to your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the integrated flip-up stand. The retractable solid aluminum stand includes a functional cable management hole so you can quickly dock your host mobile device while neatly organizing your cables.

You can fold down the stand when you don’t need it, and thanks to the weight of the hub, a larger tablet placed on the stand is unlikely to fall over.

Expand your USB connectivity
It is now possible to bypass the port limitations of Android-based smartphones and tablets by pairing this hub with a simple Micro USB to USB OTG adapter (SKU: UUSBOTG – purchased separately). With the adapter, the ST4300U3C1B works as an OTG hub, allowing you to connect USB devices to your mobile device.

The hub also offers native compatibility with many Windows-based tablets, via a USB-A port.

Alternatively, this small form factor hub can be used as a conventional USB 3.0 hub, allowing you to expand your connectivity, while being backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.x devices.

Uses and applications of the hub

Compatible Windows-based tablets, with USB-A port

Compatible Android-based tablets, with additional OTG adapter

Independent USB port for fast charging

The hub cannot connect to a host device and fast charge that device simultaneously

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Fast charging of your smartphone or tablet
Your mobile device can be charged faster via the 2.1A fast charge or data combo port. You can connect your mobile device as the host, or fast-charge your device, simply by plugging it into the appropriate fast-charging port or host port.

For devices that do not charge via USB (for example, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 model), you can dock and connect it as a host, while continuing to charge using its own charging mechanism.

USB 3.0 hub diagram for fast charging a tablet and connecting a laptop

Use with Windows-based tablets, or with some Android devices equipped with OTG functionality (OTG adapter is purchased separately)
Fast charging, inserting and connecting mobile devices in home or office environments
Allows use as a smartphone or tablet holder, or as a space-saving charging station for mobile devices

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