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4 Port USB 3.0 Hub – Mini USB Thief with Power Adapter

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This 4-port USB 3.0 hub converts one USB port to four USB-A ports and features a compact, USB-powered design that is ideal when traveling / on the go. For devices that require extra power, the hub also includes an external power adapter.

Add USB ports, almost wherever you go
The compact and lightweight design of this 4-port USB hub is designed for easy mobility. You can easily carry it in your laptop bag when traveling / on the go, making it easy to have more connectivity options almost wherever you go. Perfect solution for connecting to common USB devices such as mice, keyboards, or USB memory (Flash) drives just when you need them.

Plus, this versatile USB 3.0 hub can be installed anywhere as it takes up little desk / table space, making it ideal for shared office or BYOD (bring your own device) environments.

More power when you need it
This standalone powered USB hub includes an external power adapter for charging demanding USB devices, such as larger external drives and enclosures, which require more power than USB power can supply.

Thanks to the power adapter you can charge your smartphone through one of the available ports. Each USB-A port is compliant with the USB specification for battery charging version 1.2. It is recommended to charge only one device at a time.

Universal compatibility, which makes installation easy
This USB 3.0 hub works with a wide range of computers as it requires no additional software or drivers. Installs automatically when connected to a laptop or desktop computer, to get started right away. It also works with various operating systems, such as Windows®, macOS, Linux®, and Chrome OS ™, offering cross-platform compatibility.

Connect and use USB devices that require additional power, using the included power adapter
Take the hub with you when you travel, so you can connect your USB devices wherever you go
Perfect solution for home, office and shared office environments.

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