Startech SATDUP11

14GBpm SATA HDD Hard Drive External Standalone Cloner Duplicator – Eraser Sanitizer

The SATDUP11 standalone hard drive duplicator allows you to copy 1-to-1 hard drives or erase up to 2 SATA hard drives simultaneously, without a host computer.

With three independent mirroring modes (“Data Only”, data only, “All Partitions”, all partitions, and “Sector by Sector”, sector by sector), this device offers high performance mirroring, and has been tested for speeds up to 14GB per minute.

As a hard drive eraser, the SATDUP11 can erase two hard drives simultaneously, with several different modes available, such as “Quick Erase”, “Secure Erase” and “Single-Pass / Three-Pass Hard Drive. Overwrite (DoD) “(one-pass / three-pass overwrite), in which the hard disk is passed over 3 times to ensure that the data is completely erased.

With integrated LCD display and support for 2.5 “and 3.5” SATA I / II / III HDDs and SSDs, the SATDUP11 is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for any application requiring duplication or storage. erasing a hard drive.

To enable compatibility with other types of drives in mirroring and fast erase applications, the SATDUP11 allows the use of various types of adapters. The following StarTech.com adapters have been specifically tested to ensure compatibility with this disk drive duplicator:

SAT32M225 – SAT32M225

System administrators who want to quickly erase / remove a drive to prepare it for use in other applications
Safely erasing and completely deleting data from a hard drive before disposing of it
Very useful for forensic investigators who need to duplicate / clone a sector of the disk to create an exact replica of the source disk on another.

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