Startech S2510BU33PW

Encrypted USB 3.0 Enclosure for 2.5 Inch SATA III Hard Drive

The USB 3.0 Encryption Hard Drive Enclosure, model S2510BU33PW, lets you convert your 2.5 “SATA Hard Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) into an external drive with AES encryption.

By using the 256-bit AES (“Advanced Encryption Standard”) algorithm used in the box, all data on your hard drive is protected from unauthorized user access. Once encryption is configured, access to content is only authorized via a key (PIN) that is set and entered via the stylish integrated touch panel. Encryption is hardware-based, which avoids complicated software installation and configuration.

The hard drive cage ensures top performance, supporting USB 3.0 transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps. The enclosure is also compatible with SATA III drives, ensuring high performance can be achieved by externally accessing your 6Gbps SATA SSD drive.

Protect your data and that of your customers, safe from identity theft, with backup copies with hardware encryption of confidential documents (for example, financial)
Protect your important documents when traveling or on the go with hard drive encryption, which prevents others from accessing the drive if it is lost or stolen
Access your files and save them to an external SATA III disk drive.

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