13IN Laptop Screen Privacy Filter – Magnetic – for MacBooks – with 16:10 Aspect Ratio

Easy magnetic installation
The laptop privacy filter can be easily installed and uninstalled. To install the privacy filter on your MacBook laptop, simply place the magnetic bars at the top of the privacy screen. This privacy magnetic filter is also reversible. The matte face eliminates glare and the glossy face increases clarity. For your laptop to switch to sleep mode, you need to remove the privacy filter. A protective cover is included to prevent damage to the privacy filter when not in use. The privacy filter can be easily cleaned by removing it from the laptop screen.

Protect your confidential information, intellectual property or any other important information from unauthorized views, whether working in your office or in a public place
Protect your laptop screen from dust and dirt particles
Perfect solution for the protection of confidential information while traveling or over long distances, when working on an airplane or when traveling by public transport.

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