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PoE Power over Ethernet Midspan Power Injector 4 Gigabit RJ45 Wall Ports – 802.3 at af

This Gigabit Midspan PoE + injector is a cheaper option than upgrading your existing network switch with a PoE equipped model.

Supplies up to 30W of output to each port, so you can get power and easily access up to four high-power PoE compliant devices, such as IP cameras, using a standard Ethernet cable.

Power over Ethernet injector connected to a network switch and four PoE-powered devices (PD)

More food and less expense and hassle
This versatile Midspan PoE + injector is suitable for almost all kinds of PoE devices, including wireless access points, as well as cameras and IP phones. This high-power PoE + injector offers a total power distribution of 120W, as well as total power, up to 30.8W, from each port. Remote powering and scalability of PoE + devices is now possible, even in remote locations where a conventional electrical connection is not available.

Plus, this inexpensive PoE + injector lets you connect your PoE-powered (PD) devices to a non-PoE switch, avoiding the hassle of spending to upgrade to a PoE-equipped switch model.

Easy setup in mixed environments
This injector is the perfect solution for various environments. It includes a sturdy metal box for wall mounting, but its pocket size is also ideal for placing it on a desk / table.

Its plug-and-play operation allows you to do a quick and hassle-free setup without compromising your work routine.

Convenient and protected connections
Not sure what class your PoE devices belong to? The Gigabit Midspan PoE + Injector automatically detects the power requirements of your PoE PD devices and supplies adequate power power without damaging your devices.

With built-in circuit protection between each port, your devices are also protected from power interference.

Ideal for high-powered PoE + devices that require Gigabit speeds, such as PTZ (“Pan, Tilt, Zoom”, Pan, Tilt and Zoom) cameras and Wi-FiĀ® Access Points (WAP)
Enable remote installation of touchscreens, information kiosks and telephones in locations where an electrical connection is not available
Perfect solution for SOHO (small office / home office) users, SMBs, system integrators and IT administrators.

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