Startech PNL9M16-Best Price In India

RS232 Serial 0,4M Serial Port Bracket Header with connection to Motherboard

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The PNL9M16 16-inch Serial IDC to Serial Panel Mount Cable offers a 10-pin IDC header connection on one end and a DB9 male panel-mount connector port on the other – an easy answer. to add a DB9 (RS232) serial port to any computer system that has a panel mount RS232 serial port receptacle.

This efficient and cost-effective solution addresses compatibility issues between modern computers and older serial peripherals.

Industrial-class panel mount port for RS232 Serial applications

The StarTech.com Advantage
Allows to extend the Serial IDC interface of the Motherboard to a panel mount receptacle for RS232 serial port
Combine legacy products with the latest technology to meet your business needs.

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