Startech PEXUSB3S3GE

Combo Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter Card with 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub

This USB 3.0 PCIe card attaches to your network and peripheral connections as a single scalable solution.

By combining three USB 3.0 ports and one RJ45 port on a single card, only one PCIe slot is required for installation, freeing up space for other add-ons or upgrades and allowing you to get more out of your desktop PC or server.

Convenient combination card and money-saving solution
By using separate cards for USB and network connections, this versatile card avoids the hassle of not having enough PCI slots, while helping to reduce the clutter of cables inside your PC.

This dual functionality card is perfect for building or upgrading your computer. It saves you money by avoiding additional expenses by not having to purchase individual USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet adapters.

Flexible installation options and compatibility with previous generation devices
Guarantee that this card will fit into your small form factor (compact) system, if needed. It has a dual-profile design that makes it easy to install in low-profile or standard-profile enclosures.

This combination card makes it easy to connect to peripherals such as your external hard drives or mobile devices. It’s also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.x devices, so you get the most out of your existing USB peripherals without having to replace them.

Gigabit connectivity and network management
Acting as a network adapter, the card provides wired network access in locations where Wi-Fi® connection is unavailable or unreliable.

Supports advanced features such as jumbo frames and VLAN tagging, which means that network traffic can be optimized as needed.

Efficient USB 3.0 performance enhanced by UASP
This high-performance SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 adapter card supports data transfer rates up to 5Gbps and has been enhanced with UASP compatibility, enabling 70% faster read speed performance, as well as 40% faster read speed performance. write speed, compared to conventional USB 3.0, when paired with an External Drive Enclosures

Connect tablets, smartphones, external hard drives, printers, and other USB-based devices to your computer
Add scalable connection options when you assemble or upgrade your computer
Upgrade or replace your onboard USB 3.0 or RJ45 ports.

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