Startech NETRS2322P-Best Price In India

2 Port RS232 Serial to IP Device Server – Metal

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This 2-port serial device server is an inexpensive way to remotely connect and manage two serial devices over your conventional IP network. The device server integrates two RS232 ports in a rugged metal enclosure that withstands a wide range of operating temperatures, which is ideal for factory and industrial environments.

Flexible installation, in various environments
If you are looking for a reliable serial solution via IP control, this server can help you. Thanks to the rugged metal enclosure and ability to operate under a wide temperature range, the device server is guaranteed to deliver the reliable performance you seek, even in harsh environments.

Plus, it comes with two built-in mounting brackets, so you can mount it to a surface or wall as needed out of the way.

Backup power keeps your devices connected
Thanks to the redundant power input, this dual-port serial device server ensures smooth operation, even in the event of power failures or drops. It includes a terminal block power input, which offers a wide range (9 to 36V DC), and includes a universal power adapter.

Since it includes two power inputs, in the event of a power interruption, this server will automatically switch to the secondary power source. Thanks to its redundant power input, this device server remains operational if one of the power supplies fails, so your serial devices stay connected and managed as needed.

Fully custom fit
This device server supports extensive custom tuning and is easily configured to suit your application. For easy setup, Windows® users can use the Virtual COM for ports software or the versatile web-based interface.

The RS232 device server supports Telnet (operating system independent communication protocol), so it can be integrated into mixed operating system environments (Windows, Mac, Linux®). In addition, it supports VCOM, TCP, ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, and BOOTP protocols.

Integrate into industrial, factory or warehouse environments operating under extreme climatic conditions and temperature variations
Attach to a wall or desk using the built-in mounting brackets
Ideal for configurations where essential equipment requires continuous power, with two power inputs.

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