Startech NETRS2321POE-Best Price In India

1 Port RS232 Serial Device Server with Power over Ethernet PoE – Serial to IP Network Converter

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The 1-Port RS232 Serial Ethernet Device Server – PoE (Power over Ethernet, NETRS2321POE allows you to install your RS232 devices anywhere on your WAN / LAN TCP / IP Ethernet network, and access them as if they were right next to you You can also access it online!

The Serial Port Ethernet Device Server is designed to work seamlessly with the other serial ports (built-in or added) on your computer as if they were inside your computer. Perfect for long-range applications such as industrial automation, security or Point of Sale, providing reliable performance.

The Ethernet / Serial Device Server supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) when connected to a PoE compliant device. Therefore, it does not need a power supply or an outlet, thus facilitating its location, since it can be placed where it is really needed.

Manufacturing Industry (CNC equipment, process control equipment, barcode scanners, serial port printers)
Security (UPS control, direct access panels, video cameras, card readers)
Environmental Control (lighting, temperature, clocks).

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