Startech MSTMDP123DP

Splitter Multiplier MST Mini DisplayPort 3-port DisplayPort – MST Hub – Multimonitor Adapter – MST Hub DisplayPort 1.2 – 2x 4K 30Hz – 1x 1080p – Splitter – Windows

This MST hub allows you to connect three DisplayPort monitors to your laptop equipped with Mini DisplayPort. MST works on any Windows® compatible DisplayPort 1.2 device, such as Lenovo’s Think Pad® and Microsoft® Surface ™. When the MST hub is connected to earlier versions of DisplayPort, such as DP 1.1, it works as a video multiplier.

Add additional screens to your computer
Use one screen for reference data as websites, while on the other you do your job
Edit image, video or audio files across the three screens, in any orientation or resolution mode.

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